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Look Up! Way Up!

Ok … sometimes we need to take the larger view of things. That includes our planet. As the Space Shuttle era comes to an end, there are many new projects that will come to be. Some will look way out into the past (as in looking at the light from almost the time of the big bang) in order to understand the universe. Others will look at earth to better understand how we should manage our lives. Take a look at this first in a series of NASA features. It truly is about growth.


Do You Manage With a 360-Degree Perspective?

What does “360 perspective” mean? People who primarily focus on the straight line between point A and point B operate in a narrow step-wise manner. They tend to be tactical and task-driven mechanics. They look straight ahead and are driven to achieve a superficial goal by getting from A to B as quickly as possible. The problem for these individuals (and we’ve all met them) is that they are oblivious to critical data. By operating in this manner, they cut themselves off from important information, miss golden opportunities and are doomed to sub-optimize their success. On the other hand, highly successful people and great leaders have an unusual physical and mental 360-degree radar that operates all the time. The adage about having “eyes in the back of your head” is very applicable to them.

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