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Marian Bantjes, People Watching, Graphic Design and Unstifled Creativity

Traveling through the Minneapolis airport I cannot help but notice the difference in attitude from people obviously traveling for business and those obviously traveling for recreation.  I cannot tell 100%, but those that I am sure of are traveling for pleasure or to see friends and family, you can see are pleasantly strolling along.  Those traveling for work seem to be on a mission like they are walking with a purpose.  People watching is one of my favorite things to do and there is no place like an airport to get a constant flow of new faces, styles and behaviors.  The only place I would say is better is a Tokyo train station.  That being said, how do you measure uniqueness and individuality in people and how do you touch each person from a unique perspective through advertising?  Each person has an agenda but each person is special.

In this next TED talk, Marian Bantjes talks about her specific graphic design work and how putting her own ego into her work allows her to produce better products and in turn, connect with consumers.  She believes that although her graphic design success is not measurable, what her graphic design does is inspire and it is important to have unique designs when telling the story of your company.  Mass Ingenuity measures everything and does not limit this kind of creativity for any organization, it only adds to the framework in order to structure more creativity.  This framework and order allows for employees to be creative about new ideas and improvements throughout the workplace, making it more efficient and therefore more profitable and able to grow.