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Talent Is Destiny

Talent Is Destiny

The current recession is a crucible for employers and their employees.  Businesses hurt by the initial downturn and attendant layoffs, continue to face uncertainty of demand for their goods and services combined with the certainty of higher taxes and greater regulation.  It shouldn’t be surprising that in this environment of insecurity and constraints, short-term survival has trumped long-term talent management.  Yet talent is destiny and it won’t be denied.

Throughout the recession, top performing businesses have continued to focus on talent management.  They recognize that by keeping this focus, they will increase their prospects for weathering the current storm and be better positioned to gain competitive advantage in the coming turnaround.

That’s wise because research indicates that active talent management leads to improved company performance including: increased cash flow, improved employee productivity and increased market value.

CH2M HILL, the global engineering, consulting, construction and operations leader provides an excellent example of talent management best practices that yield positive performance.  Their web-based, Alumni Connect, enables them to engage former employees and retirees.   The strength of engagement is so strong that employees “boomerang” back thus helping CH2M HILL build the value of its human capital asset.  The company makes a compelling case with its message:

If you have found that life is not exactly what you thought it would be somewhere else, you may want to give CH2M HILL another look. As a CH2M HILL alumnus, you are a trusted professional who knows our business and our culture. You will have the inside scoop about what it is like to work here and contribute to solving some of the world’s toughest problems.

When you apply for a position, be sure to let us know that you are a former CH2M HILL employee. If you are re-hired your prior longevity may be credited towards your paid-time-off accrual rate, which can be a great benefit.

Obviously, this is a company that understands that even in tough times, talent is destiny and must be actively managed.