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Such Little Thinking! Such Great Things!

Our natural creative energies as human beings thrive in the world of the incremental. We love making little improvements and our minds are always working on something—something we can do to make our lives a little bit better. We love ideas so much that people with BIG ideas become our heroes. We love invention and we love the people who invent. What would our lives be like without automobiles, canned food, pasteurized milk, beer, refrigerators, zippers, CAT scanners, television, air conditioning, computers, the microwave oven, the dishwasher, the lawnmower, the stapler, Post-It Note, GPS and don’t forget the bar-code! Every one of those had to be invented by someone, and every one of those inventions depended on hundreds if not thousands of previous inventions in order to be possible. Invention is dependent upon a succession of incremental ideas that build and combine into things that transform our world; big inventions are usually only made possible through many, many little inventions. What have you invented lately?