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New Series: The Hero’s Journey

When Luke Skywalker first got serious about becoming a Jedi Knight he faced an early challenge. It was simple; he had to “trust the force.” Like the typical hero Luke’s reaction to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s challenge was bold (however naive) confidence. Internally he must have wondered what trusting the force meant, but his youthful and arrogant nature caused him to be bold about his ability to master the challenge before him.

Luke had nonetheless made a commitment to begin his journey to a new world—an alternate reality. And the commitment set the journey in motion. It would prove to be a classic Hero’s Journey, a journey of rich personal transformation.

In the every-day world when we commit to explore a new paradigm the journey begins with an acknowledgement of the possibility that another world exists—or another way to see the world—and our decision to pursue it. And it is really underway when we decide we are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the other side.

While we have learned to function within ths seriese world we know so well, as leaders we sometimes get called to venture into a new world and it is the hero within that gives us the courage to begin the exploration. But the decision to explore a new world is filled with many frightening questions.

The next article in this series will explore some of these questions. BTW, your thoughts on this journey would be great to hear.