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100 Ideas Per Employee Per Year? Impossible!

The vast majority of businesses manage to put to use an incredibly small fraction of the ideas generated by people who work in the business. For most businesses, the number of ideas implemented per employee is terribly low, less than 10 a year, and for many the number is closer to zero. So much for tapping into the natural creativity of the workforce.

Why does this happen? Why would we pass this opportunity up? Why would we let those hundreds of good ideas die on the vine?

Why would we not want to grow our revenue, lower our costs and thrill our customers?

Why would we not selfishly grab every idea that would make our business more successful?

Why would we not want our people to feel respected and creative and successful?

The answer is simple. We do want all those things. But, we cannot see how it is possible to dramatically increase the implementation of ideas – certainly not the level where in excess of 100 ideas are implemented per employee per year.