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Managing Without Thinking

Our human bodies have many systems that function without our conscious control—they are autonomic. Our autonomic nervous system supplies impulses to the body’s heart, muscles, and glands which drive much of our underlying functioning as humans without our direct awareness. Our cardio vascular system does its work without our intervention, as does our digestive system and our nervous system. These systems all operate without our direct involvement or conscious knowledge; they are part of the many autonomic systems of the human body.

Mass production management logic is the autonomic management system of our age; we’ve all adopted it without knowing it was optional. We have grown up in this system; its constructs and rules permeate our institutions to their core. And yet, the vast majority of leaders and managers have no idea that beneath what they do and how they think every day lays a foundation poured by Henry Ford 100 years ago. We work this system because it is the system we all grew up in and we have come to see it as the way the world works—not as the artificial construct it really is.