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Jean Baumann Joins Mass Ingenuity!

We want to welcome Jean Baumann to the Mass Ingenuity Team! Here’s how Jean describes herself:

“I help leaders, teams, and organizations articulate their strategic direction, build leadership capabilities, and implement change initiatives to accelerate business performance.  As an organizational development specialist, I assist others to achieve better results easier and faster by attending to both the people and process sides of managing change and improving organizational effectiveness.  Myspecialty is designing and delivering consulting services within the context of an organization’s mission, vision, and goals to address their complex needs, such as large-scale process improvement initiatives and leadership development programs.

In 1994, I founded a successful consulting firm and worked with organizations across the world after serving for several years as the market strategist at a Fortune 500 corporation for their $300M public sector division.  I have an MBA from Creighton University in Omaha, NE, a Master’s in Applied Behavioral Sciences from the Leadership Institute of Seattle, and certificates in communications, process improvement, and sustainability.

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1988 when I fell in love with its yearlong natural beauty.  I am a ballroom dancer, and enjoy social dancing just as much as competing in a floor-length, bead-speckled gown.”



Meet The Periscope Authors!

The Periscope Group has many great contributors and friends. We think it’s time to “introduce the gang” and tell you a little bit about each one. Over the next few days we’ll publish brief introductions and have a little fun with it. Your comments will be welcome and the crazier the better. Stay tuned!

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Management From The Collective Mind

Our human bodies have many systems that function without our conscious control—they are autonomic.  Our autonomic nervous system supplies impulses to the body’s heart, muscles, and glands which drive much of our underlying functioning as humans without our direct awareness. Our cardio vascular system does its work without our intervention, as does our digestive system and our nervous system. These systems all operate without our direct involvement or conscious knowledge; they are part of the many autonomic systems of the human body.

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Moving Towards Change

The movement towards change is a difficult course to navigate for many companies.  Emerging technologies, such as Social Media have thrust change onto many of us like it or not.  Accepting that the environment is changing is the first step.  The size of your company is not always the issue.  I have seen many large organizations (500+) adopt and still stay nimble.  Here are three key ways these companies have  guided their ship though the treachous waters of change:

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