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Mark Brundage

Mark is passionate about Emerging Technology and its application across various mediums, especially Social Media. He address how companies can utilize these platforms to create engaging brands, new distribution channels, connecting with consumers (and businesses), and define growth models. When he is not enjoying the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, he is rooting for his favorite team- The Chicago Cubs.

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Moving Towards Change

The movement towards change is a difficult course to navigate for many companies.  Emerging technologies, such as Social Media have thrust change onto many of us like it or not.  Accepting that the environment is changing is the first step.  The size of your company is not always the issue.  I have seen many large organizations (500+) adopt and still stay nimble.  Here are three key ways these companies have  guided their ship though the treachous waters of change:

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Looking for Growth?

Growth.  Growth, Social Media, Emerging Technology,This seems to be a very difficult topic for many companies right now.  We are at a critical time when many organizations need to make a decision- do I want to experiment with growth or continue down the traditional paths.  There is an emergence taking place out in the markets, a place where brands no longer wait for consumers to come to them, but just the opposite- Brands go to the consumers, where they are!

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