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Kirk Bottles

Kirk lives in the Pacific Northwest. He grew up working in a small family business where he experienced the impact of relationship Sales & Service. Mentored by his father, Kirk laid the foundation for his success in sales and sales management. While attending California State University at Los Angeles he earned degrees in English and Business. During this time Kirk also earned his Pianoforte certificate from Trinity Collage of Music – London, England. For the past 25 years Kirk has held senior management positions with both National and Community banks focusing on sales, sales management, SBA product delivery / management & installed customer bases strategies with emphasis on portfolio growth, risk management and profitability enhancements. Kirk also enjoys sailing, music, photography, education & vintage automobiles.

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Draw within the lines? .. Not in my Job Description!!

When you are the one responsible for bringing in the revenue for your company you’re always thinking outside of the box and trying to find new and efficient ways to exceed your goals!  Always thinking, Always exploring.  We do this in order to get the job done & Win!

Aaron Howard’s recent posting “DRAW WITHIN THE LINES OR ELSE” got me thinking.  Why in the world would an organization stifle the very creativity that might just be the key to growing revenue or saving costs? The answer may very well be that the CEO and or the management team have lost touch with the troupes on the line.   Or it might be that the employee is not creative enough. Read the rest of this entry »


Social Media, Sales and a Contact Sport

A good friend of mine, Aaron Howard, asked me to write some thoughts down on Sales and Sale Management.  I have known Aaron for some 20 years and have to say it’s never boring around him. I owe him a lot.

For the past 25 years I have been in sales.  Mostly helping small businesses (companies with annual revenue under $25 million) with financing their operations. As a sales person, on the line, and later as a sale manager, the goal has always been to contact more prospects and close more deals!  As some like to say, “Sales is a contact sport!” and they would be correct. Read the rest of this entry »