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Bellevue Technology Partners – Management Consulting

Bellevue Technology Partners is a management consultancy, specializing in Breakthrough Planning and Execution. Breakthroughs, by definition, remove constraints. No business can achieve and sustain market leadership without establishing a track record of breakthroughs.

More recently for Washington, Bellevue Technology Partners has become the exclusive management consultancy for a revolutionary integrated system of management known as Mass Ingenuity®, that not only focuses on Breakthroughs and portfolio management (strategy map) but also on the fundamentals (operating map) in a visual system that predictably delivers on the organization’s goals – no matter how challenging they might be. This system is so unique in its effectiveness and simplicity that it has become known as the Mother of all Processes.

John Moore and The Lab – Delivering Results One Organization at a Time

John has experience working with local governments and small and medium business owners to achieve their goals.  His experience with social media strategies, CRM, and a plethora of other solutions provides immense value to all of our clients.   John has built engineering organizations, learned sales and marketing, run customer service teams, and built and executed strategies for social media thought leadership and branding.

John is also a prolific blogger, a frequent speaker on government 2.0 and social business strategies, and has grown strong, thriving communities on Twitter, Empire Avenue, and Facebook.   His experience in this area is regularly used to help organizations and individuals to achieve their goals while building a loyal and engaged following.

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