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Leveraging the Game Changers …

I thoroughly enjoyed the research I did to write chapter four, titled: Leveraging the Game Changers, Gain the Speed You Need. Some of the facts about social media are simply stunning. Here’s a short excerpt from the chapter:

Consider these telltale signs of the impact of social media:

  • “I learned more about my daughters from their Facebook pages than I did from raising them,” claims Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company.
  • According to Morgan Stanley’s Internet Mobile Report, in July of 2009 the number of monthly social media users surpassed the number of email users.
  • Bank of America now responds to 1,100 tweets per day with their staff of “Twitter Agents.”
  • Facebook adds 700,000 new members and processes 45 million updates every day.
  • Bloggers each and every day of the week post enough content to fill 7000 issues of the New York Times.
  • Wikipedia, launched in 2001, now offers 15 million free articles in 200 languages contributed by a million volunteer authors.
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