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Is It A Winning Combination?!

Beware the shiny object. The appeal of the bright new toy is impossible to resist.

Managers have longed searched for that one thing they need to do that will engage their people, transforming the business and creating the ultimate sustainable competitive advantage. We’ve all read the endless stream of books and through them dreamed of a better way. Who hasn’t tried process improvement, scorecards, lean, six sigma, teamwork, personality styles testing, change management and, of course, the power of the new twist on leadership? Well executed, all of these ideas contribute to better performance. With the plethora of information available, our successes in the world of management and leadership should be clear. Right?

Sadly, 69 percent of our employees remain disengaged (according to The Gallup Organization), meaning they only do what is asked of them and take no initiative. Pretending our management and leadership efforts have been victorious seems a touch optimistic, if not downright naive.

Enter Social Media, the latest high-powered shiny object in management’s arsenal of productivity weapons. This must be what we’ve all been waiting for; this must be the Holy Grail that will tap the untapped brilliance of our workforce. Beware the shiny object, we’ve all seen them before.

Social Media, without a doubt, provides a MISSING LINK to a level of employee engagement and organizational agility needed to survive and prosper in today’s hardcore competitive environment. A missing link—NOT the solution we’ve all been waiting for, but an essential part of it. The battlefield of attempts to solve business problems through automation is littered with billions of dollars of stopped or abandoned software application projects. No single high-stakes failure has caused more damage and ended more upward mobility than the horrific cost of failed technology initiatives. Why does this fact matter? Because automating a broken process without fixing the process will always result in failure.

Social media, from the perspective of management, is nothing short of an opportunity to dramatically escalate the power of the organization as community. The new social technologies eliminate the distance (and therefore the time) between problem, idea and solution increasing the speed at which an organization can adapt to internal and external demands. But if that community is not focused, if that community is not well managed, if that community has poor business acumen, then Social Media will simply accelerate chaos.

The bottom line is this: Social media, used in an organization with a strong system of management, will create enormous competitive advantage. Stay tuned for lots more on this topic.

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    John Bernard

    John Bernard ‘s work in redefining the fundamental drivers of business performance improvement has led to national recognition as a thought leader in employee engagement. As an equally experienced executive and consultant, his effective articulation of new ways of thinking about management and management systems has led to his forthcoming book, Engage to Win, The Surprising Secret to Extraordinary Employee Engagement. John is managing partner of Portland, Oregon based Mass Ingenuity at Check out John's book at Full
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