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Sir Ken Robinson Knows Education

These two videos of Sir Ken Robinson speak volumes to our need to look at education completely different. Separated by 3 years, he continues to tell his story with humor and wisdom. It matters not if your perspective is that of being a parent, a hiring manager or purely academic. Change is essential. Who knows, maybe a new Social Standard will come along and help us move forward. Time will tell. Meanwhile, what do you think?

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    Aaron Howard

    Aaron is a leader, technologist, musician and horse person with 25 years experience in starting, growing and monetizing successful businesses. While it would not be unusual to find Aaron in the middle of Montana every October with his wife Marianne riding horses every day and enjoying the "truly big sky", it is always a possibility that he is online. Aaron’s passion for new technologies such as social media is contagious and its been said that after a day with Aaron you will find yourself tweeting, posting, blogging, searching and roaming the web for an opportunity to be part of his vision. His most recent passion focuses on driving growth through the winning combination of leadership and emerging technologies. Learn more about Aaron and growth here at Full
  • Aaron Howard

    Stephen, thank you for the comments. I’m having discussions with several people from academic entrepreneural centers across the country. I’ll keep you posted if progress is made. Aaron

  • Stephen Dill

    Aaron, I have been following Sir Ken's TED appearances and a few other interviews with some interest for the past two years. My attempts to raise him through email, his website and Twitter have been unfruitful so far. My question to him is, “How do we get started on such a massive change as what is required?” As you can see on my website,, others recognize the need to start over, the current system being hopelessly mired in no longer relevant traditions (agrarian schedules and industrial-age topics) and largely ignoring what we now know about how people learn.

    My picture of how such a change will occur is top down. This flies in the face of so many who believe in grassroots efforts to effect change, I know. The basis for recommending a global meeting of the most strategic minds is the need for rapid cross-cultural adoption of a new paradigm for what education is, whether or not it is a public “right”, when it starts and ends, and how it is conducted. As you will see on my site, I believe education is something that starts at conception. Parents need to be taught how to parent. In the process, they are taught how to teach, for they will be crucial in the development of a life-long learner. But such change cannot happen fast enough to offer concrete proof of a better system than the one we labor under and pay too much into today.

    So how do we gather Sir Ken, Clayton Christensen, Peter Senge, Howard Gardner, Tom Peters and a dozen more strategic thinkers in a room to brainstorm and model the next system for worldwide public education?

  • Aaron Howard

    Stephen, thank you for the comments. I'm having discussions with several people from academic entrepreneural centers across the country. I'll keep you posted if progress is made. Aaron

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