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Sales Series: Performance Through Consistency

High performing sales professional that continually generate a steady stream of sales over a long period of time have perfected the art of consistency. These sales professionals have figured out what generates sales and have developed a habit around those tasks, consistently performing them day in and day out. You must be careful though because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The bottom line is that you have to understand what it is that is going to generate those sales and create a consistent system and process around that.

I have a colleague that is always one of the top salesman in his company regardless of what is happening in the economy or around him. He has a very simple formula that he follows every single day without fail. He calls it the 5/5/5 formula; he writes 5 note cards, makes 5 calls to current/past clients, and makes 5 calls to prospective clients. This simple tasks only takes him one hour each day and he attributes over 80% of his business from it.

In short, high performing sales professionals find the tasks that consistently bring in the sale and then perform those tasks on a daily basis. They are focused on building and developing a consistent stream of new and returning clients. We’d love to hear about your approach to consistent sales results. Tell us what you do!

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    Zach Anderson

    Zach Anderson has always focused on driving business growth by focusing on the customer's experience. He has applied this fundamental sales and marketing principle to several industries including financial services and technology. In 2002 Zach founded and launched Cascadia Financial Group, one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the Pacific Northwest. He sold the company in 2007 to Cobalt Mortgage, the largest privately owned mortgage banking company in the Pacific Northwest. Zach joined the Cobalt team and immediately focused on business development and marketing, his long standing business passion. He began using emerging technologies to connect, engage and transact with the Cobalt installed base of customers as well as new prospects. Zach found immediate success in utilizing video as a medium to deliver his message to all customers as well as strategic partners. He has authored many videos and has successfully created an extensive online community of followers, ...Read Full
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