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What Do We Need A Management System For?

An effective management system is designed to help organizations take conscious control of the reins of their organization. A sound system designed to engage employees is the first step in creating extraordinary performance. It also forms the essential architecture needed to engage employees by providing a direct line-of-sight between the organization’s goals and the individual’s contribution. The process of creating the map facilitates agreement by an organization’s management team as to exactly how they will run their business.

Most of us do not think of the means by which we manage our business as a system–in no small part because the complexity of running a business is hard to wrap our minds around. Management has often been narrowly defined as the interpersonal/coaching interactions between a manager and a subordinate—that is what most of us see as “managing.”  But the reality is management entails a much further-reaching set of activities that must create focus, devise strategies, develop plans, allocate resources, assign work, measure progress and cause continual effective adjustments to ensure success.

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    John Bernard

    John Bernard ‘s work in redefining the fundamental drivers of business performance improvement has led to national recognition as a thought leader in employee engagement. As an equally experienced executive and consultant, his effective articulation of new ways of thinking about management and management systems has led to his forthcoming book, Engage to Win, The Surprising Secret to Extraordinary Employee Engagement. John is managing partner of Portland, Oregon based Mass Ingenuity at Check out John's book at Full
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