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Malcolm Gladwell and Spaghetti Sauce

Examples of changes in the food industry through discovery of human variability

By William Sandman

Malcolm Gladwell has written many books and showed the world that tastes, trends and the way companies interact with products may be more complicated than we thought.  In this lecture, Mr. Gladwell shows us how a new direction and acceptance of human diversity can open up new business development and market share in places companies never thought to look.  As executives, being open to understanding not just how your best product will do in the market, but what your customers want might allow for new and entrepreneurial growth.  In addition, accepting the differences and unique aspects of your work force might allow for some of your employees to make contribution where you and they might not have expected.  Enjoy the lecture and embrace the differences in your market segment and employee base.

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    Will Sandman

    I attended Beloit College in Wisconsin, where received a Bachelor's degree in Evolution, Ecology and Behavioral Biology and played soccer for 4 years. Directly after graduation I worked for Ken Hendrix, owner and CEO or ABC Supply (8th largest private company in the US) helping to recycle industrial foundry patterns into pieces of furniture and art. After getting my entrepreneurial feet wet, I then moved back to Louisville, KY (my hometown) to help my family import shoes, pottery and furniture from Vietnam, China and Malaysia. The highlight of these projects was Sandman Pottery that I managed and ran to distribute pottery regionally as well as having a retail location. Once deciding to return to school, I was lucky enough to help some very close friends start a staffing and recruiting company called Essential Edge. Once accepted to Portland State University in their Master's in International Managment (MIM) program I moved to Portland, OR. I will be done with my MIM degree, ...Read Full
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