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Do You Have Voices In Your Head?

Over the years, Henry Ford’s mass production system of management and its underlying logic has permeated organizational life from factories to banks to grocery stores and even our educational system. Today few of us realize that the underlying logic of the organizations we work in or run as leaders is in fact based on the model of management Ford invented over a century ago.

Mass production management logic is the autonomic management system of our age; we’ve all adopted it without knowing it is optional. We have grown up in this system and its constructs and rules permeate our institutions to their core. And yet, the vast majority of leaders and managers have no idea that beneath what they do and how they think every day lays a foundation so long ago. We work this system because it is the system we all grew up in and we have come to see it as the way the world works—not as the artificial construct it really is.

Henry’s voice is telling us what to do, and Henry’s just a touch out of date.

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    Aaron Howard

    Aaron is a leader, technologist, musician and horse person with 25 years experience in starting, growing and monetizing successful businesses. While it would not be unusual to find Aaron in the middle of Montana every October with his wife Marianne riding horses every day and enjoying the "truly big sky", it is always a possibility that he is online. Aaron’s passion for new technologies such as social media is contagious and its been said that after a day with Aaron you will find yourself tweeting, posting, blogging, searching and roaming the web for an opportunity to be part of his vision. His most recent passion focuses on driving growth through the winning combination of leadership and emerging technologies. Learn more about Aaron and growth here at Full
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