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Leading From the Front

Organizations need leaders who can get great things done.  There is a secret on how to be a great leader–lead from the front.

Leading from the front is especially important in the face of significant change where the status quo is deadly to an organization’s ability to survive and grow.  Here’s what it looks like to lead from the front:

  • Design and evangelize an exciting vision
  • Build an execution plan and energize team members to accomplish it with you
  • Don’t wait for others to take action–take it yourself and delegate
  • Cut through obstacles in order to create momentum
  • Horse trade with others to grow your base of support
  • Challenge status quo thinking and sacred cows
  • Work in the organization’s “white space” to advocate and gain support from other influential people
  • Recognize and reward the team’s results

It takes courage to lead from the front and I think it is the rare leader who is able to consistently do it.  Look around and see who is especially good at leading from the front and learn to emulate their approach.

  • About The Author

    Kelly Ferguson

    Kelly has spent 25 years as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing leader, OD manager, senior OD consultant, program manager, leadership coach, process improvement facilitator, and strategic planner. In addition, she specializes in the development of visual management tools, systems and implementation. She has over 15 years in relationship-based sales (services and products) successfully closing and implementing large-scale projects at companies including Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks Coffee Co., Nordstrom, Standard Financial Group, Coinstar and REI. Kelly is known for her ability to combine solutions based on process, people, structure and systems. Her “OD approach” drives business results, employee engagement and ultimately a high-quality customer experience. As a leader, Kelly is recognized for her drive to grow companies from start-ups to large enterprises by focusing on top-line growth, the introduction of innovative products and services, sales and marketing, and ...Read Full
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