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Engage or Die

Gallup’s extensive research in employee engagement describes in no uncertain terms the failure of today’s organizations to engage employees. Its research shows that 69 percent of a typical workforce is disengaged. But the news gets even worse. A full 29 percent of the workforce is more than just disengaged, they are categorized as “actively disengaged.” That means these employees choose to do things that disrupt or harm the business. Sadly, these disruptive people are often the most creative and capable people in the organization who express their extreme frustration in the only way they have found possible, trouble.

Employee engagement is essential to competitive survival. But it is far more than another technique to improve your organization. Engaging your employees brings an organization to life through the people who work for you. Your employees will deliver to the organization their talents, their best thinking and their deep commitment all focused on your goals. And you will deliver to your employees an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference through the work they do, to be respected and to feel fulfilled.

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    John Bernard

    John Bernard ‘s work in redefining the fundamental drivers of business performance improvement has led to national recognition as a thought leader in employee engagement. As an equally experienced executive and consultant, his effective articulation of new ways of thinking about management and management systems has led to his forthcoming book, Engage to Win, The Surprising Secret to Extraordinary Employee Engagement. John is managing partner of Portland, Oregon based Mass Ingenuity at Check out John's book at Full
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