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Where Ideas Go To Die

The collision between a less-than-half-baked idea and a busy boss creates a guaranteed deadend.  After a few of those collisions and it’s not hard to understand why employees disengage. Why bother when your boss is your latest brilliant ideas as a bother.

That said, ideas are the lifeblood of improvement. Companies that will survive and prosper understand that the responsibility to fix problems and improve processes must belong to the people who do the work. Everyone needs the skill to solve process problems.

Effective companies use a common approach to problem solving (such as a 7-Step Method), an approach everyone in the organization understands well. The method not only develops the skills to think through ideas, but it also transfers the skills, knowledge and authority to see the solution through to success.

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    John Bernard

    John Bernard ‘s work in redefining the fundamental drivers of business performance improvement has led to national recognition as a thought leader in employee engagement. As an equally experienced executive and consultant, his effective articulation of new ways of thinking about management and management systems has led to his forthcoming book, Engage to Win, The Surprising Secret to Extraordinary Employee Engagement. John is managing partner of Portland, Oregon based Mass Ingenuity at Check out John's book at Full
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