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Visual Learning, Part Two: Clarity

Visual business solutions are dynamic maps, which enable leaders and employees to clearly see their current situation and create a shared picture of their desired state.  By using visual solutions, the ability to analyze and improve the direction of an organization or department, and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness, is accelerated.  Business mapping is the process of creating these pictures and can be applied to numerous areas across the enterprise, including strategy development and implementation, board governance, process improvement, risk management, audit and internal controls, leadership development, organizational transformation and project management.

These maps are illustrated with relevant icons and symbols, which give them impact and reinforce cognitive connections.  Clients receive final color versions of their maps in two sizes: tabloid and large mural size for prominent display.  As a “living document,” the content communicated by these mural-size maps are continually discussed, updated and absorbed by employees.  Frequently, discussions about the map’s content and its implications are one of the most important collateral benefits of visual business solutions: an ongoing and dynamic communication channel with very high bandwidth.

A set of visual maps of an organization’s ecosystem can focus on the 30,000-foot level, the 15,000-foot level, or they can drill down to the finest detail.  Regardless of the level, these visual solutions enable employees to see the vast critical aspects of a complex organization, division, or department in a precise and compact picture.  Often, these aspects were formerly hidden from view to even the most long-term employees.  Yet now they are visible and clear to everyone.

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