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A Waste Of Human Life

Life is a precious thing, and to waste it by working in a job that lacks purpose and meaning is about as disengaging as its gets. It is human nature to want to be part of something greater than ourselves. Most organizations fail to connect each employee with the purpose they serve in the bigger organization, and that failure results in disengagement. Yet, every employee is a part of some greater processes; through that process they create value essential to work that matters to the organization. By cascading processes down from the top, to the departments, the teams and ultimately the individual, every employee can see their part. The Mass Ingenuity System connects every employee to the organization’s fundamentals and to its breakthroughs. Once employees see how what they do connects to what matters, their work has purpose and their value becomes clear.

  • About The Author

    John Bernard

    John Bernard ‘s work in redefining the fundamental drivers of business performance improvement has led to national recognition as a thought leader in employee engagement. As an equally experienced executive and consultant, his effective articulation of new ways of thinking about management and management systems has led to his forthcoming book, Engage to Win, The Surprising Secret to Extraordinary Employee Engagement. John is managing partner of Portland, Oregon based Mass Ingenuity at Check out John's book at Full
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