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Is Growth In Your Future?

Growth?  How about good old fashioned stability. Most of us would gladly have some of that these days. Indeed, both individuals and businesses are desperate for some stability and positive story for their respective “balance sheets.”

Personally going through something like this has really made me think about financial security.  How do I protect and grow my assets in today’s economy? How do I grow my business and build a customer experience that will last for years?  What things can I do moving forward to achieve financial security, personally and professionally?

With the advancements in technology there are two things that can help take the sting out of volatile markets and give you a little piece of mind long term. Please understand, this is not about being “bleeding edge.” It’s about having choices that are enabled by the access capability and lower costs of technology.

Previously if you wanted to invest your money into a professionally managed portfolio (SMA) the minimum investment requirement could be $250,000 plus.  Because of the advancements in technology and the ability to handle these accounts electronically the minimum investments can be as low as $25,000. These accounts are managed by professional managers and you the account holder own the investments directly.  This provides individual cost basis for income tax purposes. The investor, unlike a mutual fund, has control of the tax consequences of the timing of purchases and realized profit or loss.

Life insurance has been around for a long time and over the last few years there have been some new products developed that are designed to protect and grow your assets.  One such product is called an Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance Contract.  Indexed policies give the policy holder the security of fixed universal life with the growth potential of a variable policy linked to indexed returns.

These policies follow a stock market index on a year to year basis and typically have a guaranteed floor of 0% and a max return of 15%.  Because the return on these policies are calculated and reset each year, you can get a nice return even if the index hasn’t returned anything over a 10 year period.  Many of these policies also contain accelerated living benefit riders that allow you to access the face amount in case of terminal, chronic, or critical illness.  I have just touched the surface on this product there are also many other benefits as well.  It is important that this product is structured properly by someone who specializes in these types of policies.

So, more to follow on this topic in subsequent articles, Meanwhile, how are you using technology to improve your financial security and drive growth?

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    Zach Anderson

    Zach Anderson has always focused on driving business growth by focusing on the customer's experience. He has applied this fundamental sales and marketing principle to several industries including financial services and technology. In 2002 Zach founded and launched Cascadia Financial Group, one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the Pacific Northwest. He sold the company in 2007 to Cobalt Mortgage, the largest privately owned mortgage banking company in the Pacific Northwest. Zach joined the Cobalt team and immediately focused on business development and marketing, his long standing business passion. He began using emerging technologies to connect, engage and transact with the Cobalt installed base of customers as well as new prospects. Zach found immediate success in utilizing video as a medium to deliver his message to all customers as well as strategic partners. He has authored many videos and has successfully created an extensive online community of followers, ...Read Full
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