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Engaging Employees

Great people build great products and services.  Yet, great people can only do this if they are highly engaged.  Engaging employees is about connecting them emotionally and intellectually to the importance of their job, team and company.  This is one of the most important aspects of a manager’s job.

Yet, when you watch most managers, it seems that engaging their employees is the last thing on their mind.  Instead, many managers put most of their time and energy into the tactical aspects of managing, i.e., budgeting, writing status updates, filling out forms, doing emails, meeting with vendors, attending management meetings, approving invoices, monitoring metrics and writing performance appraisals.  While those are all important activities, it is clear that they consume too much of manager’s time compared to the amount of time left for engaging employees.

Think about the amount of time you spend directly interacting wtih your employees ensuring that their level of engagement is high.  If it is less than 60% of your time, then you’re missing a golden opportunity.  And, no, holding project status meetings with your employees does not count unless they are dedicated to inspiring your employees to be innovative high performers with a strong commitment to their job, their team and their company.

So, get clear on the genuine level of engagement of each of your employees. Then, rebalance your priorities and time commitment so your employees receive more of your passion for leading them to be highly engaged and successful contributors.  It’s a manager’s #1 job andit will give your company a competitive advantage.

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    Kelly Ferguson

    Kelly has spent 25 years as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing leader, OD manager, senior OD consultant, program manager, leadership coach, process improvement facilitator, and strategic planner. In addition, she specializes in the development of visual management tools, systems and implementation. She has over 15 years in relationship-based sales (services and products) successfully closing and implementing large-scale projects at companies including Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks Coffee Co., Nordstrom, Standard Financial Group, Coinstar and REI. Kelly is known for her ability to combine solutions based on process, people, structure and systems. Her “OD approach” drives business results, employee engagement and ultimately a high-quality customer experience. As a leader, Kelly is recognized for her drive to grow companies from start-ups to large enterprises by focusing on top-line growth, the introduction of innovative products and services, sales and marketing, and ...Read Full
  • ritaashley

    Engaging employees is another form of acknowledging their importance to the company and team. As a career coach I have rarely seen executives leave a company for money; mostly it is because they don't feel valued.

    Attending to Kelly's entreaty to engage employees will go a long way towards reducing turnover.
    Rita Ashley, Career Coach
    Author: Job Search Debugged
    Author: Networking Debugged
    Twitter: Jobsearch4execs

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