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Looking for Growth?

Growth.  Growth, Social Media, Emerging Technology,This seems to be a very difficult topic for many companies right now.  We are at a critical time when many organizations need to make a decision- do I want to experiment with growth or continue down the traditional paths.  There is an emergence taking place out in the markets, a place where brands no longer wait for consumers to come to them, but just the opposite- Brands go to the consumers, where they are!

To many, this is a completely new concept.  What does it mean for a brand to come to life?  It is all about consumer engagement.  Your customers are talking about you.  If you did not already realize this, consider this your wake up call.  Realize this or not, people talk, and boy are they talkin’ about brands.  Social Media and the emergence of communities has given consumers a whole new way of connecting with their favorite (and not so favorite) brands.  The first major step for any brand or company is to realize that people are talking about you and do you want to join the conversation?  Yes, you will get immediate feedback.  Yes, you may not like what they have to say.  Yes, your customers may also love you and help you with suggestions, and Yes, your customers may also promote you to all their friends.

Bringing this conversation into your Brand or company might be a bit “scary” for many, however, not connecting directly with the consumers who use your products and brand is a risk I am not sure you want to miss.  Negative feedback can turn positive as it gives you a direct line into what you need to fix immediately in order to become better.  Wow! how much do you currently pay to get this type of information.  Over my next series of posts, I will discuss how various organizations are setting up the process to becoming an engaging brand in the marketplace.  You can opt to do nothing and hide, keep doing what you have always done and see if you get a different result (isn’t that also the term for insanity) or you can decide to listen to your customer and join the conversation.

How to get started:  Step 1.  Listen, Listen, and Listen more.  Several services offer programs on how to listed to all the conversations across the Social Media channels.  A couple that I like are Radian 6, Filterbox, and Scout Labs all have decent capabilities.

Embrace, learn, grow with your customers.

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    Mark Brundage

    Mark is passionate about Emerging Technology and its application across various mediums, especially Social Media. He address how companies can utilize these platforms to create engaging brands, new distribution channels, connecting with consumers (and businesses), and define growth models. When he is not enjoying the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, he is rooting for his favorite team- The Chicago Cubs.Read Full
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  • Katie Morse

    Hey and thanks for the Radian6 shout out! Listening is a great first step for many organizations, but often the question the occurs even before a listening program is in place is “What do with the information we find, if we find anything?” It's a great question to answer before setting something up, as well as defining why companies are listening to what's being said across the social web. Just some things to consider!


    Community Manager | Radian6

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